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Layers And Frames is a Philly-based duo offering a refreshing blend of guitar loops, chill, world, downtempo and folk music. It is the musical brainchild of Frederic Brewer, a French-American singer-songwriter who spent four years in China, served in the Peace Corps and developed a signature sound reflecting the globalized world. Frederic leads with vocals and looped guitar while pianist extraordinaire Mark Sulik lays a foundation of keys, synth bass and vocal harmony. Philadelphia's own Gashouse Radio has likened Layers And Frames to Julianna Barwick, Ben Frost and Oneohthrix, while praising "a really strong tonality foundation coupled with unusual rhythms, hypnotic piano and spaced out goodness." Layers And Frames is excited to present the latest EP "The Singularity" in March 2015.

Like many musical projects, Layers And Frames was first conceived in a humble home studio, albeit one located in the middle of the mountains of Sichuan Province, China. While there, Frederic spent ample time experimenting with guitar delays and live looping, eventually hitting upon a sound that balanced these elements. He performed regularly around Chengdu, the capital of the province, where he finally gained the confidence to bring his songs back to the West. He returned temporarily to his hometown Avignon, France, and took Layers And Frames on a small venue and house concert tour of Western Europe, making adjustments to his sound along the way, and then released his acclaimed first EP, "Infinite Release." This inspired him to head to the U.S. and pursue the project seriously.

Choosing to call Philadelphia home, Frederic collaborated with several musicians before meeting good friend and perfect collaborator Mark Sulik, a local music instructor and active performer, most notably with funk band "Thelonius Crunk." Uniquely, Mark uses his keys to play the role of both bassist and keyboardist for Layers And Frames, introducing a new finesse to the sound with skillful embellishments and vocal harmonies. Since being joined by Mark in 2014, Layers And Frames have released three EP's, five music videos, toured the US and received national radio play. Their most recent EP is titled "Radical Change" and was released in July 2015.

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